Wine Discovery and Tasting/Découverte et Dégustation – City of Beaconsfield – October and November
September 9, 2019
2forTuesday – the 2010 Bordeaux Edition
April 2, 2020

Grilled pork chops with potato, zucchini and shiitake mushroom hash with apple and pear compote.

Paired with a glass of L’Éxuberence Rosé du Clos Cantenac. Martin Krajewski created the first ever Rosé from Saint-Émilion. Due to archaic wine laws in Bordeaux, it is not “officially” a Saint-Émilion. Martin’s daughter Charlotte has continued to produce this amazing Rosé.

Beautiful, clear and brilliant salmon colour. Clean nose with medium intensity. Starts with apples and blossoms. Secondary aromas of peach and raspberry jam and ripe cherries.

On the palate the nuances of ripe red fruit are more pronounced. Slightly smoky and with hints of vanilla.

Lovely acidity ensures a great balance. The finish is long and spicy. Overall a very dry complex Rosé.

Way to go Charlotte. Another winner!

PS. I love the bottle with a textured punt and a glass stopper.

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