WINE AND CHEESE 5 @ 7 event will include:

  • Three cheese stations with 2 different cheeses at each broken down as follows:
    • Station 1 – mild/soft cheeses
    • Station 2 – medium aged cheeses
    • Station 3 – well aged firm cheeses and  “Stinky” cheeses
  • A minimum of 2 different wines at each station, paired to match with the cheeses
  • A short presentation (15 minutes) on the general principles of pairing wines with cheeses
  • Carl’s availability to answer questions from individuals throughout the evening.

This event can take place in your office or other event space that you have. Wines will come from all over the wine making world and will be specifically selected to pair with the types of cheese at each station. Notes on the pairing principles will be provided to each participant.

Carl Knows Wine would provide:

  • 8 different cheeses with an emphasis on locally produced cheeses
  • A minimum of 6 different wines from around the world
  • A minimum of 2 tasting wine glasses per person for use during the tasting
  • The benefit of Carl’s knowledge gained through over 20 years of experience and study
  • Tasting notecard for each participant

You would provide:

  •  Venue, tables and some chairs for casual seating
  • Screen to show short AV presentation

Price:              Will vary based on number of persons who will attend

Contact me for more information