THIS WEBINAR REVEALS: How to read wine labeling and know which wine is good and which is great!

Demystifying The World Of Wine!
Impress your Business Partners, Friends or Employees by Acquainting them with the Art of Wine
* LIMITED AVAILABILITY - only 50 spots... *

Wednesday, May 19th

@ 8:00PM EST

Only 50 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Carl Bird

Accredited Sommelier and Enthusiastic Wine Educator
What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
Expanding Your Horizons
Learn how to select new wines that you might like based on your 
"go to" purchases.
Names and Meanings
What is the difference between a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Bordeaux? Or a Zinfandel and a Primitivo?
Casual, Educational & Fun
No "wine snob" vocabulary here. Enjoy yourself while I help you Demystify the World of Wine.
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